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“Hemp for Victory was produced in 1942 by the USDA for the war effort, 5 years after MJ and Hemp were outlawed.”

"Bringing It Home"

Operational Planning Activities

Strategic Planning

Consultant to provide state regulatory review and general industry and project consulting prior to initiating the financial pro-forma model and business plan.

Based on current State regulations and industry best practices, Consultant will provide recommendations for Client’s business formation, business operations, potential site location, size, production capabilities and will discuss other project goals and deliverables.

Financial Pro-Forma Model Template

Consultant to provide a template for a financial pro-forma model for a regulated cannabis business to be utilized by the Client for the purpose of forecasting and estimating start-up costs, revenues, ROI’s, etc. The actual creation of the financial pro-forma model will be the responsibility of the Client. The Consultant will only provide a template.

Financial Pro-Forma Model & Extrapolated Executive Summary Based on Project Complexity Prices Range

Consultant will develop a financial pro-forma model based on numbers, figures and statistics from developed and operating legal hemp markets. The financial pro-forma model will estimate capital expenditures, operational expenditures, potential production, revenue figures and other information commonly associated with a financial pro-forma model. Further high/low variations of the model for capital raise efforts and other activities will be the responsibility of the Client. Consultant will also create an executive summary utilizing content and figures extrapolated from the financial pro-forma model.

Regulated Hemp Industry Business Plan

Consultant will provide one (1) of three (3) options below for a regulated hemp or industrial hemp industry business plan based on Client’s needs.

Hemp Industry-Specific Business Plan Template

Consultant to provide a template for a regulated hemp business to be utilized by the Client for the purpose of creating a business plan. The actual creation of the business plan will be the sole responsibility of the Client. The Consultant will provide only a template.

Existing Client Business Plan Review

Consultant will review Client’s current existing business plan and offer advice, suggestions and recommendations based on Consultant’s deep industry knowledge and previous industry experience.

Customized Hemp Business Plan

Creation of business plan based on Client input and Consultant’s regulated hemp industry and business knowledge. Consultant will provide a customized business plan utilizing regulated hemp industry best practices and in compliance with pertinent state and/or federal regulations. Business plan will include, but not be limited to:

Executive Summary, General Company Description, Description of Products & Services, Operational Plan, Hemp Finished Product Marketing Plan, Management & Organizational Structure, Security & Diversion Plan, and Community Benefits or Conservation Plan.

In order to develop a customized business plan, the Client will need to provide various information and content. This information will include but not be limited to a mission statement, management vision, team analysis, goals and objectives, operating strategies, competitive analysis, marketing plan and other details and information deemed necessary.

Farm Design Activities

Greenhouse and Agricultural Farm Design

(Limited to 4 rounds of revisions, further author alternations billed @ $250.00 per hour)

Consultant to design a functioning, scalable layout for hemp production based on geography of land or greenhouse footprint.

Cultivation design plan will be developed using Consultant’s previous regulated hemp knowledge and experience to design utilizing commercial horticulture/agricultural best practices.

The property will be designed to be a scalable model to optimize growth strategies and will be designed to streamline operations and maximize workflow.

Soil sample analysis with detailed reports for fertigation recommendations and treatments.

Application Activities

State Application for Hemp Business – Prices range based on complexity of pertinent state regulations.

Consultant will assist Client with the writing and submission of the application for a hemp business license ensuring all requirements are met, including but not limited to:

Consultant will assist with application questions/requirements responses. Consultant will utilize resources to provide content and responses to application questions and requirements. Application content and responses provided by the Consultant will be developed utilizing previous industry knowledge and experience as well as best practices from the regulated hemp industry. Application responses provided by the Consultant will strictly adhere to all hemp regulations. (It is important to understand that some application content and responses will be required to be provided by the Client.)

Consultant will assist Client in compiling all required business documents for application submission (these documents will be identified upon the release of the application).

Consultant will assist Client with the compilation and development of other documents or materials as required for the application.

Application/Operations Documents

Consultant will provide the following application/operations documents that are developed using best practices from the regulated hemp industry and are customized to pertinent state regulatory requirements:

Security Plan: Prices range from

Consultant will provide a comprehensive security plan utilizing best practices from the regulated hemp industry. (Security plan is based on industry best practices; for extraction facilities, it is recommended to retain a professional security firm to further develop and customize the security plan to fit the Client’s needs.)

Documentation Log Sheets and Record Keeping Template

Consultant will develop documentation log sheets and record keeping templates to be utilized in daily operations for record keeping, regulatory compliance purposes and as an industry best practice.

Industry Best Practices Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Consultant will develop SOPs based on best practices from the regulated hemp industry and these SOPs will be customized for adherence to regulations.

Pre-Planting SOPs

Pre-Planting SOPs cover tillage and bed preparation operations, activities, equipment, consumables and regulatory compliance requirements.

Planting SOPs

Planting SOPs cover planting and cultivation operations, activities, equipment, consumables and regulatory compliance requirements.

THC Testing SOPs

Industrial Hemp must not exceed a THC content of 0.3% without the crop being subject to eradication. THC Testing SOPs will outline the details for sampling, testing and documentation for state compliance purposes.

Harvesting SOPs

Harvesting SOPs cover harvesting, post-harvest transportation and drying/retting operations, activities, equipment, consumables and regulatory compliance requirements.

Transportation SOPs

Best practices for interstate or intrastate transportation of industrial hemp to processing/manufacturing facilities that will meet any state regulatory requirement.

Equipment Identification & Sourcing Activities

Farm Equipment List

Consultant will develop an optimal equipment list for all hemp cultivation operations based on previous industry knowledge and experience within the regulated hemp industry and the commercial horticulture/agriculture industries.

Consultant will develop an equipment list for cultivation facility equipment based on the farm layout, production capabilities and other agronomic inputs.

Equipment Sourcing

Consultant will add fifteen percent (15%) to all equipment orders sourced by ACC as compensation.

Consultant will leverage industry relationships to source cultivation equipment identified within the developed equipment list.

Consultant will source and procure cultivation facility equipment based on Consultant’s developed cultivation facility equipment list.

Custom Hemp Farm Services – Based on Regional Availability

Pre-Plant Bed Preparation

custom raised bed preparation using multi-row super bedders with plastic mulch layer and drip tape layer.

Clone Transplanting

each clone is transplanted into a hole that is created by the wagon wheel planter ensuring a high probability of growth success.

Hemp Harvesting

our team will provide specialized harvesting equipment and labor to harvest and prepare all plants for transportation to buyer or processing facility.

Post-Harvest Transportation (pricing based on mileage)

we provide transportation of harvested product to buyer and/or processing facility maintaining all regulatory transportation requirements.

Operational Deployment Activities

Deployment of Cultivation Operations

Deposit due upon awarding of license with payment due monthly for 6 months to be applied to balance of fee for the hemp cultivation deployment process.

Development of a Cultivation Plan/Schedule

Consultant will develop a cultivation operational plan and schedule to be implemented for the purpose of initiating cultivation operations. The cultivation plan/schedule will be developed utilizing Consultant’s industry knowledge and experience and based on the Client’s farm, production capabilities and regulatory requirements (Cultivation plan and schedule will be provided by Consultant and limited to two (2) revisions based on Client input; the cultivation plan and schedule MUST be reviewed and approved by both Parties prior to implementation and execution of the plan/schedule)

Cultivation Deployment Functions

Entails cultivation operational and regulatory training, setup, and ACC resources in market for key cultivation activities covering one full crop cycle.

Consultant will assist Client with the deployment and oversight of cultivation operational activities.

Consultant to assist with security systems deployment oversight in coordination with selected security vendor, if applicable.

Consultant will develop cultivation production forecasting to determine workflow and staffing requirements.

Consultant will provide a thorough review of new technology for production optimization.

Consultant will develop protocol-based workflow design based on farm or greenhouse layout and production schedule.

Consultant will provide oversight of cultivar/strain selection to adhere to pertinent state regulatory requirements.

Consultant will assist in identifying cultivation systems and methodology design and planning.

Consultant to provide education, training and staff preparation on cultivation operations.

Consultant to provide training on all cultivation standard operating procedures, documentation log sheets and record keeping templates.

Operational Workflow Standard Operating Procedures Customization

Consultant will edit and customize the industry best practices SOPs based on specific farm operational workflow and functionality.

Cultivation SOPs

Cultivation SOPs cover cultivation operations, activities, equipment and regulatory compliance requirements. The Cultivation SOP will be customized to Client’s farm specifications, for workflow optimization and effectiveness.

Genetics Sourcing and Distribution of Seeds and Clones

Feminized Hemp or Industrial Hemp Seed (See pricing guide)

Whether you are farming hemp for oil, food or fiber, ACC has access to multiple sources of seed varieties that come from certified seed dealers. Proven genetics with proven success for your specific farming region.

Hemp or Industrial Hemp Clone Distribution (See pricing guide)

ACC has access to many different sources of clones for hemp or industrial hemp varieties that come from certified clone dealers.

SoHum Liquid Fertility Program

What is SoHum Liquid Fertility Program

TBD — Our SHLF is a program customized by the American Cannabis Consulting Agronomy Team to optimize yield, crop quality and return on investment.

Begins with a detailed soil analysis leading to comprehensive fertility and soil health.

Based on yield goals and best farm management practices.

Each hemp farm will have a customized program specific to soil fertility and other agronomic variables.

What does it mean to be a SoHum Liquid Fertility Grower

Work with our team of professionals to design and implement a complete soil and plant health solution from planting to harvest. Benefits include:

Fertility recommendations for the entire crop year.

Monthly Publication with the latest SHLF Data and Industry news

Text/email updates on news, events and technology in the hemp industry.

Hemp and CBD Brokerage Services

Conventional Commodity Brokerage

5% of gross receipts — Our team has a deep network of hemp growers, processors and end-users. Here is how ACC can help….

Assist growers in finding a buyer for their crop

Help processors source hemp growers as well as buyers for their finished products.

Connect companies that want to contract a grower to raise hemp to their specifications.

What to do BEFORE Planting a Crop of Industrial Hemp

  • Next you need to know what is in your soil which can be accomplished by pulling soil samples and having a soil test conducted by your local county extension service which will help you develop your fertility program.
  • After determining the fertility of the soil, apply appropriate levels of nitrogen, potash and potassium to compensate for any fertility deficiencies.
  • Test your water….what your plants intake will directly impact their productivity and any contaminants must be addressed if they are problematic.
  • Determine what market segment you are growing for: food/grain, fiber or oil
  • Identify the cultivars/varieties you plan on growing for the specific market segment
  • Select your planting method: raised beds, row crop, drilled or broadcast
  • Determine plant density by identifying the ideal row spacing and plant spacing
  • Raised Beds: drip irrigation with plastic mulch for weed control
  • Row Crop: traditional row watering, center pivot or sprinkler irrigation
  • Drilled or Broadcast: center pivot or sprinkler irrigation
  • Raised Beds: plastic mulch or manual labor removing noxious, unwanted weeds
  • Row Crop: early cultivation prior to excessive plant height or manual labor
  • Drilled or Broadcast: hemp’s plant canopy in a broadcast style will provide quick coverage and choke out most unwanted weeds
  • If grown for oil, the entire plant will be harvested in a labor intensive process similar to tobacco harvest.
  • If grown for food, you will be harvesting the seed for processing of the hemp heart and this can be accomplished using various mechanical processes that has been developed.
  • If grown for fiber, you will be harvesting the entire stalk for its’ fiber properties and this can also be accomplished with various mechanical processes that have been developed.
  • Whether you are growing for food, fiber or oil, you need to have a marketing plan in place before your plant your crop.
  • Attempt to ascertain a contract so you have a buyer in place before you harvest.
  • Find opportunities to “custom farm” a hemp crop for an end user ensuring you have a buyer with specific agronomic parameters for their end use.

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